Introduction: The purpose of Social and Economic Transformation of the Ultra-poor (SETU) project is that Women and men of 45,000 extreme poor households (In two Phases) in Northwest Bangladesh are empowered to collectively address the causes of their economic, social and political exclusion. GBK are interested to implement SETU project NCE Phase at Niphamari Sadar Upazila with 03 unions Laxmichap, Khoksabari and ChowraBorogacha, Ramnagar and Kishorgonj Upazila with 01 union of Putimari Intends to work with the Savings group using Contributory Group Fund (CGF) to weak BHHs who are not graduated till now. Contributory Group Fund (CGF) made by group and Project contribution. Savings Group will selected weak BHHs from their groups and support them CGF as interest free loan for improving economic status.


Project Participants/ Beneficiaries: SETU BHHs # 3117 (Male: 2636 Female: 481)


Project Period: 1st January 2016 to 15th August 2016.


Project Objective: Women and men of extreme poor households in Northwest Bangladesh are empowered to collectively address the causes of their economic, social and political exclusion that keep them in extreme poverty.

General Objectives:


Specific Objectives: Graduation of week beneficiaries


Project primary BHHs: N/A


Secondary BHHs if any: N/A


Budget for the mentioned period: BDT: 20,19,625.00


Working areas coverage map:

05 unions in Nilphamari district (04 Union in Nilphamari Sadar & 01 Union in Kishorgonj Upazila)




Implementation Location/Geographical area:


Major area of Intervention/Component:


Saving group’s information:

NCE phase running through 119 savings group which are well functioning where at Putimari-15, Ramnagar-26, Chowrabarogacha-27, Khoksabari-26, Laxmichap-25 Saving groups and depositing their saving in group approach consist of Male -2636 and Female-481 members from poor/extreme poor HHs. Objective of forming savings group are to overcome the lean as well individual crisis period. Some saving groups have already takes initiative to invest their savings amount in different IGAs within weak group members. Like small business, cow fattening, goat rearing and paddy cultivation. Union wise present status of savings group is given below:

# of Savings Groups                : 119

SL #



#  SG









Sadar Nilphamari





Sadar Nilphamari





Sadar Nilphamari





Sadar Nilphamari










Major Activities:


SETU Log frame Outputs


# of Direct Beneficiaries


Description of the activity (what, how, where)


1 & 2

(Economic empowerment & Social Inclusion)



Support to vulnerable households (weak bhhs)


Total 765      (CGF: 246 &

Health Insu: 519)

Contributory Group Funds support for weak BHHs through groups: The group will identify the weak beneficiaries and the reason behind not running the IGA well. The respective group will assist the weak BHHs. The number of the groups is estimated 82. Each of the selected group for this activity will receive an average of BDT 10,000 from SETU/Shiree Project and the group is also expected to contribute the same amount to provide to the selected weak beneficiaries. The group-contribution amount will be decided and agreed by the respective group.

Support to the project beneficiaries through health insurance to enhance resilience: Group will identify the weak beneficiaries by the respective group and brought under health insurance to enhance resilience. Tentatively 17 groups have been considered for this activity.


Output_1 & 2 (Economic empowerment & Social Inclusion)


Enhance sustainability of savings groups



Attend to observe savings groups’ AGM (without cost) to enhance group governance, participatory leadership:

Regular communication with savings groups; discussion with savings groups for preparing AGM; observing AGM; and sharing best practices of one group with another group. It will help the savings groups strengthen their organizational capacity as well as sustainability.

Output_3 (Participatory Inclusive Governance)


Capacity building of local service providers, linkage with services and GoB support



Regional workshop with UP Chairmen for greater access to safety-nets and other resources & services:

This workshop will focus on UP’s support for SETU’s weak beneficiaries i.e. their access to safety nets and other resources and services.  It will be a 1-day long workshop to be organized at Rangpur level, where 03 Chairmen will be participating and maybe half-day for cross-learning visit to a champion UP.

Attend UP's monthly coordination meeting  for access of project beneficiaries to safety nets and resources/services (2 times, no-cost activity):

The field staff along with NLO leaders (in some cases PUC leaders also) will attend the meeting with their preparation so that they can raise their issues particularly for the support for weak beneficiaries of the project (i.e. access to safety-nets and others resources/services or special allocation).


Refresher training of Paravet:

This refresher training will be organized at Rangpur level so that all paravets can easily come from surrounding districts. The technical will be facilitated by DLO officials. The training will focus on technical as well as social aspect like their responsibilities to support the project beneficiaries on poultry and livestock rearing.